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Terms of Service (Public Offer)

A public offer on selling electronic subscriptions for viewing video content with subtitles and an embedded translator.

1. General Provisions

1.1. (hereinafter, the Seller) publishes the Public Offer on selling subscriptions on the Seller's official website (hereinafter, the Website).

1.2. This document is a public offer. If the terms set out below are accepted, the individual accepting the offer pays for subscriptions under the terms hereof. The Buyer's payment of subscriptions represents acceptance of the offer, which is deemed equivalent to executing the Contract under the terms set forth in the Offer.

1.3. In view of the above, please read the text of the Public Offer carefully and, if you disagree with any of its clauses, you are given the opportunity not to purchase subscriptions.

1.4. In the Public Offer, unless the context requires otherwise, the following terms shall have the following meanings:

2. Subject Matter

2.1. The Seller sells subscriptions for unlimited access to Website content under the existing price list published on the Website. The Buyer pays for a subscription under the Contract terms.

2.2. This Contract constitutes an integral part of the Offer. The current valid version of the document is posted on the Seller's Website.

3. Order Placement

3.1. The Buyer orders a subscription on the website by selecting required items from the presented list.

3.2. Registering (placing) an Order on the Seller's website, the Buyer undertakes to submit their email address and password known only to the Buyer.

3.3. Immediately after the Buyer places an order and pays for a subscription payment, under Clause 5 of the Contract, the Seller gives the Buyer unlimited access to Website content for a period corresponding to the subscription selected during order placement.

3.4. The Seller undertakes to comply with the privacy terms.

4. Order Execution

4.1. An order is deemed executed upon expiration of the term for unlimited access to Website content, under Clause 3.3. hereof.

4.2. Should the Buyer provide incorrect contact details or Order content, the Seller shall not be held liable for improper Order execution.

4.3. The Seller shall not be held liable for an order that is executed late or not executed at all, if calculation of unlimited access to Website content is delayed or discontinued for reasons beyond the Seller's control. Such reasons include the following instances:
submission of an invalid email address or loss of access to the specified email address or the Seller's Website;
the Buyer's inability to use the purchased subscription due to their lack of technical capability – malfunction of the Seller's ISPs, or insufficient software in the Buyer's electronic device;

5. Order Payment

5.1. An Order is paid by a bank card, electronically, or from a cellphone account by means of a payment aggregator.

5.2. The subscription price is shown on the Website.

5.3. A payment is deemed effected when funds clear on the Seller's settlement account in the payment aggregator system.

5.4. The Seller may unilaterally change subscription prices on the Website, without giving notice to the Buyer.

5.5. If an order is paid by bank card (including card number input), the payment is processed on the aggregator's website. The Buyer does not transfer private data (card details, registration and other payment data) to the Seller; their processing is completely secure and nobody, including the Seller, can obtain the Buyer's personal and bank details. The SSL protocol is used to protect information from unauthorized access during transmission from the Buyer to the server.

5.6. The Buyer's payment for an individually placed Order using a payment aggregator shall represent consent to the Terms hereof.

6. Order Refund

6.1. An Order amount paid by the Buyer for a substandard Service is subject to a refund. A refund is made by transfer to the Buyer's electronic account within 5 business days after the corresponding claim is submitted.

6.2. The Buyer may return a paid Order amount for a properly rendered Service within 14 days, not including the day of purchase.

6.3. An Order refund is requested via the Website contact form.

6.4. A refund to the Buyer's bank card is possible only to the card with which the Order was paid.

7. Rights, Obligations, and Liability

7.1. The Seller shall give the Buyer access to Website content according to a placed Order under the terms hereof.

7.2. The Seller may assign their Order execution rights and obligations to third parties.

7.3. The Seller may dispose of Website content as it sees fit, including deleting and editing content, without notifying the Buyer to this effect.

7.4. This Offer is not irrevocable. The Seller may refuse Order placement for persons who express disagreement with the terms hereof.

7.5. The Buyer may make any claims about substandard order execution via the Website feedback form. All submitted information shall be promptly processed.

7.6. The Seller uses YouTube API Services, The Buyer agrees to be bound by the YouTube Terms of Service ( and Google Terms of Service (

8. Contacts

Please contact for service issues and other matters.

9. Legal Entity